Kaboom! The Chemistry of Fireworks

Do you ever wonder what makes the brilliant colors that we see in the sky when fireworks explode? The answer is salt! Now, I’m not talking about the stuff on your kitchen table (although that’s a salt too!) Salts in chemistry are ionic compounds- made of a metal ion and a nonmetal ion. And different […]

Happy Fall!

I love fall! The colorful leaves. Pumpkin spiced everything. Apple cider. The cooler temperatures…oh wait. Where we live, at least, it’s been in the 90s for what feels like forever! We actually set record highs on October 1st and 2nd. Even though it doesn’t FEEL like fall, the days are definitely getting shorter, and when […]

5 Reasons to Take Online Science Classes With STEM Launcher

Have you looked at our list of classes and wondered “Why would I want to sign my kid up for an online science class?” Well here are 5 great reasons why you should! 1. You don’t need to leave the houseAre you tired of running everywhere around town and spending hours a day in the […]

8 Awesome Classes on STEM Launcher

It’s fall, and that means we’re launching a lot of new classes on STEM Launcher. Here are some of my favorites- and the best part? They’re all under $15 each! Amazing Astronauts– Ages 8-13I’ve always been fascinated by the space program- in fact, when I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut. In this […]

Fireworks in Your Kitchen!

You might be looking at the title and thinking, “This doesn’t sound safe!” In fact, when my son saw me type this title, he said, “But Mom, that would be dangerous! Please don’t do it!” But the fireworks that we’re looking at aren’t the kind that you have to do outside with close adult supervision- […]

What’s Up With Jupiter This Month?

It’s been all over the news the past few weeks- “Jupiter is About to Be So Close, You Can See Its Moons”, “Jupiter Comes Close to Earth in June 2019” But what does this all mean? Will the night sky look different this month? “It really is a great time to see (Jupiter), as it […]

What is Outschool and How Do Online Classes Work?

I currently teach my classes through a website called Outschool. Outschool is a marketplace for live online classes for ages 3 to 18. I sometimes think of Outschool as an Etsy of online courses- you can find classes on so many amazing topics- Spanish, Biology, Civics, the history of Stan Lee comic books, the evolution […]

About Me

Hi- I’m Julie, and I am the person behind STEM Launcher. I’m a mom to an awesome 6 year old, a scientist, a teacher, a hockey fan, a nerd, and a food-lover. I’m originally from Pennsylvania, and I studied Chemistry at Pitt and Chemistry and Science Education at Penn State. Along the way, I’ve taught […]