every kid is a scientist.

Kids are naturally curious. They ask questions. They investigate. They experiment. And then, somewhere along the way, they stop. We want to keep that curiosity alive, to keep them asking questions and looking for answers, and to help them understand the world around them. By offering opportunities to explore science topics in new ways, we hope to offer a lifelong love and understanding of science.

experienced instructor

STEM Launcher classes are designed and taught by a certified Chemistry teacher and mom with over two decades of experience in the high school and college classrooms, science after school programs, private science tutoring, and public science education. 

at-home classes

STEM Launcher classes are perfect for homeschool families, unschool families, virtual school families, and traditional school families looking for science enrichment classes. You can choose live online classes or flexible schedule classes where you can learn at a time that best fits YOUR schedule! 

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Inspiring topics

Explore the periodic table, discovery why amethyst is purple, whip up a batch of fluffy unicorn slime, learn about acids and bases in your kitchen and more! STEM Launcher classes aren’t your ordinary science classes- we explore traditional topics in exciting new ways to spark curiosity and launch a lifelong love of science!

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featured class topics

Hands-On Science

Do you want to actually DO science? Then these are the classes for you! Most of the supplies that you need are easy to find at the grocery store or big box store.

Rocks and Minerals

Why are rubies red? What's the difference between diamond and graphite? Are sapphires blue? Do some rocks glow in the dark? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

Chemistry Made Easy

Struggling with chemistry? Want an explanation from an experienced chemistry teacher? These are the classes for you!

The Periodic Table

It hangs in every chemistry classroom. You may even have one in your house. But do you REALLY know everything there is to know about the periodic table? Explore the elements in these popular courses.

Space and Astronomy

Learn about astronauts, the solar system, constellations, and life on the Moon in these engaging and exciting classes!

Seasonal Classes

Extract pumpkin DNA, make crystal ornaments using chemistry, investigate why leaves change color and more! These classes are only available seasonally.

What Others Are Saying

Read what parents have to say about STEM Launcher classes!

Physical Science For Early Elementary (Flex)

The flex schedule made it easy for us to work at our own pace. Simple worksheets are paired with video instruction, which describes scientific concepts at an age appropriate level for elementary students. The experiments are fun and easy to complete with regular household items. My seven year old liked the class! -Leanna P.

Chemistry Made Easy: Naming Chemical Compounds (Flex)

A really good course for middle school students to do. The student can watch the posted videos when it suits their schedule. The teacher feedback was great too. A course worth the money and time. -Jone G.

Exploring the Periodic Table

My son thoroughly enjoyed this class and the teacher! He's a self-proclaimed elements expert, but he still learned and had fun. -Amber C.

Hands-On Science: Unicorns (Flex)

My 9 year old really enjoyed this class. The subject engaged her and she was able to recall scientific facts. The teacher was engaging and kind. She messaged during the week with questions and chat for my daughter. 
The instructions were clear and my child was able to follow. She produced all the experiments as planned! -Cc

launch a lifelong love of science

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