Online Science Classes
for Curious Kids

If you are interested in any of the online science classes below, but are outside of the age ranges listed (or the age range allowed by Outschool) please contact me and we can arrange other ways to take the class outside of the Outschool platform.

All live online science classes are currently held on the Outschool platform using Zoom video chat. Flexible schedule classes are pre-recorded online science classes that are available on the Outschool platform and will soon be available here on STEM Launcher for purchase!

It hangs in every chemistry classroom. You may even have one in your house. But do you REALLY know everything that there is to know about the periodic table? Explore the elements in these popular science classes!

Why are rubies red? What’s the difference between diamond and graphite? Are sapphires always blue? Do some rocks glow in the dark? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

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