5 Reasons to Take Online Science Classes With STEM Launcher

Have you looked at our list of classes and wondered “Why would I want to sign my kid up for an online science class?” Well here are 5 great reasons why you should!

1. You don’t need to leave the house
Are you tired of running everywhere around town and spending hours a day in the car to get to classes and activities? Do you have a baby at home who has a nap schedule that makes going anywhere difficult? Online classes are perfect for your family! You don’t need to convince your kids to get their shoes on (or find them!) No need to worry about strapping everyone into car seats. If someone’s napping, no need to wake them up- your child who’s taking classes can wear headphones and learn without disturbing their younger siblings. Plus, think of all of the money you’ll save on gas and drive through fast food!

2. They’re taught by a science content expert
I get it- lots of people are scared of science. In fact, when I tell people that I used to teach high school chemistry, they most common responses are “I HATED that class!” or “Wow, chemistry was NOT my thing!” Well, chemistry IS my thing, and every class I teach on STEM Launcher was written and designed by me. I do everything that I can to make even the most challenging topics approachable by everyone AND I can probably answer a lot of your kid’s “but why???” questions!

3. Enrichment
Does your kid want more science than what they cover in school? Or maybe you homeschool and your current curriculum has your kid hungry for even more science learning. STEM Launcher classes are perfect for kids who always want MORE science, regardless of what kinds of schooling you choose. With our flexible schedule classes, even students with sports practice, dance class, or music lessons can fit in extra science when they have time. Which brings me to reason number 4…

4. Flexible schedules
While some of the classes I offer are live (and typically during the day in my time zone- US Eastern Time) I do offer a variety of flexible schedule classes (referred to as Flex classes on Outschool) These classes aren’t just something that you purchase and then are on your own for learning- you always have the ability to ask questions, interact (via message boards) with other learners and get help when needed. I add new content to each course weekly, and check in every day to see if there are questions. They’re perfect for families who need a more flexible schedule and can’t necessarily commit to the same time each week for a class or for families who can’t fit one of my live classes into their schedule.

5. Awesome topics!
Unicorn-themed science experiments, making your own acid/base color-changing indicators, learning about astronauts and Nobel prize winners- these are some of the topics that you’ll find covered in STEM Launcher classes!

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