8 Awesome Classes on STEM Launcher

It’s fall, and that means we’re launching a lot of new classes on STEM Launcher. Here are some of my favorites- and the best part? They’re all under $15 each!

Amazing Astronauts– Ages 8-13
I’ve always been fascinated by the space program- in fact, when I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut. In this class, we’ll talk about some of the amazing people who have left the Earth’s atmosphere and what contributions they’ve made to both the space program and the world.

Kaboom! The Science of Fireworks– Ages 8-16
I offer two sections of this class- one for ages 8-12, and the other for ages 12-16
Both sections of this look at what a firework is made of, what makes the brilliant colors that we see, and different types of fireworks. The biggest difference is that the one for ages 12-16 also discusses the electron energy levels and the environmental impact of fireworks, while the one for 8-12 does not. After this class, you will never look at fireworks in the same way again!

Be a Color Detective with Chromatography– Ages 8-13
In our newest hands-on class, we will separate the various pigments in washable markers and colorful candies (M&Ms or Skittles) using a technique called paper chromatography. We’ll discuss why the colors separate and how that technique is used in real labs.

Marvelous Molecules– Ages 8-13
There are so many molecules that have changed the world! In this class, we will learn about 8 of them. We’ll talk about their structure, where they come from, when they were made or discovered, and why they’re important.

The Chemistry of Colorful Fall Leaves- Ages 9-14
Fall is my favorite season. I love warm apple cider, crunchy leaves, and pumpkin spice everything! If you live in an area where the leaves change color each year, you’re familiar with the amazing transformation that happens from the lush greens of summer to the brilliant golds, oranges, and reds of fall. In this class, we discuss why the leaves change color, why some trees don’t change, and compare the structure of plant cells in spring vs. fall leaves. I also include video and written instructions for how to extract the color pigments from green tree leaves and use paper chromatography to separate them. This is a really cool experiment, because you get to see that even green leaves have other pigments in them!

Why Are Lemons Sour? Hands-On Acids and Bases in Your Kitchen– Ages 8-13
In this class, we start by talking about acids and bases, learn about pH indicators, then make our own color-changing pH indicator and test various substances in the kitchen (including lemon juice!) to determine if they’re acids or bases!

Why Is Water Wet? A Hands- On Exploration of the Properties of Water– Ages 8-13
Water- a simple molecule made up of three atoms that is absolutely essential to life as we know it. What makes water so special? Its molecular structure! We will explore the structure of the water molecule and discuss how it makes water so important in this hands-on course.

The Chemistry of Rocks and Minerals– Ages 8-13
Geology may be the study of rocks, but did you know that geologists use a lot of chemistry to classify and identify rocks? Learn where many minerals and gemstones get their colors and how geologists use chemistry every day.

You can find all of these classes on my Outschool page! Feel free to send a schedule request if you’re interested in a class but none of the options work for you- I’ll do what I can to make something work! Hope to see you in a class soon!